I get it! I should see Sex & The City!

 Recently returned from a few days in NYC.  Great time, good shows, lots of fun with family & friends, blah, blah, blah.  So, I was convinced that NYC wouldn’t be that obsessed with the Sex & The City movie like the rest of the country.  It’s just the midwest that’s giddy about this movie — and New  York is too cool for the pool, right?  They don’t need to get worked up about a show that’s in New York — they are New York, right?  WRONG.  It’s everywhere.  Especially in the cabs which all have TVs in them and insisted on showing clips and interviews from SATC each and every time I was in one.  Lines down the block for the late night showings in mid-town, gaggles of overly dressed women having drinks discussing the movie they all just saw, one woman on her cell phone actually saying, “I didn’t think I was a Miranda!”  Jesus, enough already!  So, by Monday I said to Sandy, if I never hear about this goddamned movie again, it’ll be too soon…  And who sits down at the table right next to me at dinner that night?  Yup, Mr. Big.  Now that is commitment to guerilla marketing.