Puerto Rico, really?

Sure they get delegates, but could Clinton telegraph any larger that she really doesn’t give a shit about the candidacy anymore and is struggling to keep the last of her 15 minutes of fame? Ok, ok ok. She’s had longer than 15 minutes, but for a woman who is so DESPERATE to step out of her husband’s shadow, there is something to be said for a gracious retreat. It has become ultimately apparent that she cares less about the party, and more about getting face time on “CNN”. If she TRULY wanted the nomination, if she was in it to win it, she would have spent her time stumping for South Dakota and Montana, and just taken the win that everyone was predicting anyway. Besides-which – Puerto Rico?? Sure, they get delegates, but they have no voice in the General Election. Ugh. Can we wrap this thing up on Tuesday? I’m seriously considering McCain just because the Republicans had the good sense to get in out of rain, while the Democrats just complained about who was getting wetter while standing outside.