Indy Makes a Strong Showing (and some SATC spoilers)

First week out, and it’s better than Speed Racer. Of course, The Strangers did better than Speed Racer. I’ll need to check my numbers, but I’m pretty sure The Notebook did better than Speed Racer on it’s opening weekend.

On a personal note, all I need to do is make sure that Indy stays on top of SATC. (I got $110 in side bets running on this one).**SPOILERS AHEAD** By the way, Carrie and Big do get married by the end. And, according to Carrie, men just aren’t romantic anymore. Of course, women shouldn’t be considered selfish and needing when they reject every apartment because it just won’t fit the wardrobe, or pay homage to some $700 shoes – but that doesn’t matter – it can all be washed down with a properly mixed Cosmo. Thanks to The Movie Spoiler from saving me to have to see it to report on it.

Reminder – Indy goes up against Batman – and remember – Batman has the “dead actor” thing going for it, so that could affect the results… Stay tuned!

Indy – Week 1 – $170,881,284

**Update – if your SATC experience was ruined prior to me adding the Spoiler Warning, send me an email, and I will directly reply to you with an apology. Justin – thank you for calling out my hypocrisy.