Douche of the Day: Circuit City and/or Best Buy…again.

Okay. I did it again, but this time called it out. I went into Circuit City for…something. Something I don’t need to enhance something else I don’t need. A carrying sleeve for my ipod Nano. Oh, what would Tyler Durden say were he not the manifestation of an author who undoubtedly owns an Ikea couch? There’s an exchange I’ve had 100 times in Circuit City and Best Buy, and it basically comes down to this: I’m that AV Asshole. I know way more about videocamera’s than any employee of either two places will ever forget. And since I’ve been videocameraless for a year, I always find myself checking out the cameras at these stores. Which is worthless, because the information I need to know is never posted. Every time I’m in there, I’m approached by Teenager McNoHelp who asks if I’d like some help. Every time I stump them with my first question and they follow up, EVERY TIME, by telling me how big the flipscreen is and that this videocamera also takes still photos. No shit, it’s 2008, my fucking toilet takes still photo’s. Actually, the less said about that the better. For more information go to

So Employee O’Unhelpful comes up and, once again, ask if I’d like help. I tell him that I’ve never, in my life, had an employee of this store answer a question, but thanks anyway, and by the way, do you know how big the CCD on this camera is? I decliined his offer to get someone else to answer my question, and that was that. Maybe I’m the douche at that point. 

But THEN, I get to the counter to pay Jocko VonI’dRatherBeTanning for the product I don’t need and they print out the longest receipt I’ve ever seen, I mean to take a picture for this, but I’ll get to it later. The thing spans my outstretched finger to my neck, which according to The Davinci Code is as long as something else that I forget. So I comment on this – “that is the longest receipt I’ve ever seen” – not very clever, but he took my comment like his dead father invented the fucking thing. Of course, the worst thing a douche can do to me or Sandy, or Justin, or Stephe, or Kate, is ignore our bit. So I keep going. “Wow, can I get back in the country with that thing?” Nothing. “Guess that saves me a run to Vons for some Cottonelle.” He ignored me harder at that point, however that is accomplished. Douche. 

(hat tip: Johanna Smith for the instant rimshot link)