Egon at Siskel Center

If anyone knows me, you know my dream is to be in a boy band. If that doesn’t work out, my plan b is to be an indie art-film start at the Siskel Film Center. I’m not giving up my dream to dance/krunk to startdom, but I did achieve my plan b. I have a very small role in Keith Dukavicius’ new film called “Egon”. It’s the story of the whacked out Russian (or was he German?) artists Egon Schiele. Keith takes the artists real life and twists it, adding incest and a taste for duels to the artist’s vices. I play a German artist who has a quick scene where I critique Egon’s work. Is he going to kill me like he kills everyone in the movie? You’ll have to go to the Siskel Center Friday-Thursday (May 30-June 5) at 8pm to find out. Thanks Keith for having me in the film and if you know any boy band producers, I’m willing to do anything to make it to the top. I’ll touch it, sure. It worked for Timberlake.

The Portfolio Scene from “EGON” from Keith Dukavicius on Vimeo.