If You Had Speed Racer Winning it All…

… you’re a douche. You are sooooo out of it, you have no idea how out of it you are. Seriously. So far, more people have paid money to see Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz go at it in the rip-roaring comedic masterpiece, “What Happens in Vegas!”. America has spoken Wachowski Brothers – they are tired of your fancy magic camera tricks and lack of good story. Try again, except pick something that we like as kids, not merely remember. Or… Take this movie to Japan. It just might kill there. In the meantime, we are on Week 3 for Iron Man – who can stop this juggernaut?!

Iron Man – Week 3 – $37,560,788
Speed Racer – Week 2 – $9,135,870

PS. Indy results will be out Friday!