Everyone Should See “Our Town”

at least once in their life. The plusses:

  • it’s a fast show.
  • there’s death.
  • the girl who plays Emily HAS to be good to look at.
  • you get to count the number of times an audience laughs at a joke that isn’t a joke.
  • it reminds you of “old tyme” America.
  • it’s a fast show.
  • you get to actually watch people “string beans” – which is always fascinating to me.
  • it gets you points with your lady.
  • if you get bored, you can think back to that episode of Growing Pains, when Mike thinks he’s an awesome actress because of the gal he’s dating, and they go to New York after one performance of “Our Town” – and the chick gets scared, and bails on him, so he does the audition by himself. so, you know, at least there’s some historical context to this play.

The Hypocrites are doing a run of Our Town in the basement of the Chopin (no big deal, we played there. We pulled a heart.) this is as close to a review as I’m going to get by saying, “go see it.” The shocking twist at the end is something that even M. Night would be jealous of.

There is one thing I take umbrage against. **Warning – Theater Geek Content After the Jump – Warning**

This play is heralded as an “American Classic” telling the story of ‘real people’ in a ‘real time’. Wilder explicitly states that this show should be done with no set and no props (which, if you aren’t careful, you get a lot of bad pantomimes of people making sandwiches) – HOWEVER – the story is about the son of the town Doctor, and the daughter of the town newspaper baron. It isn’t a story of the guy who delivers the milk, or the guy who works at the mill – but of two of the whitest collar jobs people could have at the turn of the century. Little House on the Prairie, this is not. It is instead Falcon’s Crest, except with people saying, “May I”, and “Shall we”, and “Right enough, ma’am.” Given perspective, I still enjoy the play, but let’s be honest what it’s about, shall we?

Oh, and at this point, I FULLY admit to being a theater geek. I love seeing a good show, and getting into arguments about it with Sheila in the car ride home.