Quick, Short Indy Review. (spoilers ahead)

**Seriously – spoilers. I’m not even joking. If you want spoiler-free, go read the Sun-Times. If you want spoilers and bits, keep reading.**Adam, Sandy, Joel, Fred and I met a couple Irina Spalkos, 17 Indy’s and a couple of guys in long black trenchcoats who hide 3 pounds of Gummi Bears in the pocket. It was a Midnight Showing Extravaganza – and what is the aged fanboy’s review of the movie?

Loved it – it definitely ranks in the Top 3 of the franchise. That’s right. I’m not pissed I saw the show at Midnight, and had to be in Schaumburg by 8AM. On top of that, if anyone – ANYONE – dares say anything about the movie, and you claim that “Last Crusade” is your favorite – go screw. If you suspend your disbelief that Indy met a 5,000 year old knight, drank from the Holy Grail AND is named Henry – then you can do the same again. It’s all about cracking whips, cracking jokes and cracking Russian skulls (no pun intended).

Although yes, I did miss Sallah. I won’t do anything more to ruin it, other than tell you that the Crystal Skulls are alien skulls – and that there is a spaceship in Peru. And it takes off at the end. And Indy marries Marion. And Shia is Indy’s son. And although his name is Mutt, his REAL name is Henry Jones III.

But that’s ALL I’m going to say.