“You wanna see flying saucers?”

Saw “The Astronaut Farmer” the other night. It’s okay. This has-been astronaut is now a farmer and he’s bummed that he never made it to space, so he pieces together his own Mercury-era-style rocket to jet himself into space, using his son as mission control and his wife’s estate as government funding. If you can get past the absurdity of this premise, it’s pretty fun, until THAT LINE — we all know THAT LINE — THAT ONE LINE in movies that ruins the movie, that was probably added on the set, that some producer thought was so amazing and necessary and what a great moment that was on set, Virginia, so let’s keep it even though it destroys the rest of the movie. (There’s THAT LINE in Face/Off when John Travolta’s assistant asks him if “that stick was successfully removed from your ass” in possibly the worst take in movie history. Joel and Stephen know what I’m talking about.) In “The Astronaut Farmer,” when Kevin Coster (sorry, Billy Bob Thornton) is fighting with Amy Madigan (sorry, Virginia Madsen), she grabs a bunch of plates and yells “YOU WANNA SEE FLYING SAUCERS?!!!” with absolutely zero commitment and throws a couple of the plates on the floor with little effect. Embarrassing. I’m not sure what I was expecting from Virginia Madsen. I know she did that wine movie with the Sandman so I’m not sure if her previous body of work justifies a better performance. I do know that THAT LINE is popping up in movies again. Let’s hope it goes away.