So I’m posting because the woman behind me on my flight here to do the Rent Party shows wouldn’t shut up. I know, big deal, and I wouldn’t post such an inane observation if it wasn’t for how amazingly monumental this one was. Sure, the first hour, fine – where you going? Why were you where you were?, Wanna know what college I went to and what I majored in and what I did with my boyfriend last night and how the food was? Cool. Fine. Introductory convo. I fall asleep and wake up two hours later and she’s onto the benefits of the Blackberry. I ask the guys next to me if she’s been talking the whole time I was asleep and they both turn with the wide-eyed look of disbelief people give you when there’s a Mummy behind you. She moves into how crazy this youtube is and her favorite Playstation games, like Alyson-Hanigan-American-Pie style. This poor or lonely guy next to her. So for the next hour it’s all I can pay attention to, every twenty minutes I turn to the guys next me and say “Un…believable” and they nod in disbelief. How long can she go? All the way into Midway, it turns out, with more benefits of owning a small dog, ways she’s being more green, and yet another funny thing she saw on Myspace. The full flight, one long sentence. Un…believable.