The Results Begin Pouring In…

Iron Man continues it’s pummeling at the Box Office – this just may be the movie of the summer to beat! Who woulda’ thunk Robert Downey Jr. would be at the peak of his career playing an alcoholic industrialist? Not me. Iron Man – Week 2 = $58,559,413.

And then we’ve got the gay Speed Racer. I saw this movie, and thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of it. Awesome sets, bright colors – and in IMAX. Maybe it doesn’t play so well on the average screen. As a sidenote – Navy Pier has REALLY let their IMAX theater go the way of shitty McClurg. It’s like they just don’t care anymore. Anyway – Speed Racer – Week 1 = $24,266,000.

Let’s see how things continue through the summer… Additionally – Christina, don’t think I’ve forgotten about our side-bet. For all of you out there – Christina contends that Sex and the City will be one of the Top 3 grossers this summer. I heartily disagree – to the tune of $100. It’s total box office from opening to August 22nd. So the side bets right now – for those keeping track at home:

  • JK contends that SATC will beat Indy – $10
  • Christina thinks SATC will be Top 3 of the summer – $100

What is a guy to do with $110 of free money? I’ll let you know.