PBR Tour: Alternative Media Slam

Oh man, we’ve been waiting a whole year for this one. If you missed last year’s “Alternative Media Slam” at the Gallery Cabaret, you screwed yourself out of a good time. This year, we are back for round 2 at the Rent Party tomorrow night at the Hideout. We invite 4 alternative media outlets to come up on stage in teams and insult each other. It’s sort of like 8-Mile, but without the rhyming. It’s sort of like a “Your mama is sooo….” rip fest, but instead of it being your mama, it’s a media outlet you are competing against. It’s sort of like Beyond the Thunderdome. Well, it’s exactly like Beyond the Thunderdome.  Two alternative media outlets enter, one alternative media outlet leaves!!!! Here’s who we have: Chicagoist (Margaret Lyons and Marcus Gilmer), Timeout Chicago (Steve Heisler and Scott Smith), Gapers Block (Andrew Huff and mystery guest) and the newest entry RedEye (Mark Bazer and Jimmy Greenfield). Last year’s champ the Chicago Reader bailed this year, mostly because they all got fired.  Seriously. Oh, did I mention that the audience decides the winner? And we’re givin away a plasma? And Tim Smithe from Walter E. Smithe Bros. fame is playing the role of Tina Turner? I’m gonna throw up I’m so excited.