Those guys at Iron Man

While Iron Man is just fantastic, I mean, 4 stars, will definitely see it again and even Kate liked it (which is the ultimate beta test of a good old Hollywood blockbuster) — the word’s out now that there’s an added scene after the credits, and watching this final scene is a casting call to the geeks of the world. But this night, we were surrounded by a cavalcade of Lincoln Square’s dork squad in their trenchcoats doing their live blogs from the sunken theater seats and talking SO loudly to each other so that everyone else in the theater knew that they had read comic book #1138. It was like watching the opening night of a theater show packed with actors. I’m finally starting to admit that the sub-cultures within the sci-fi community sure are judgmental of other sci-fi geeks (me being one of them). Adam and I have talked about this for years, how people use pop-culture McDonald’s Star Wars references and call themselves fans. Reminded me of that one time I was in that sci-fi collectible store in Lincoln Square, walked in, asked for a Snowtrooper, and the guy looked at me like I had ten eyes. Probably because he doesn’t like Star Wars, and that’s cool, but at least I’m not as obnoxious as those guys at Iron Man. I didn’t do that at the Star Wars prequels. Okay, maybe I did. But just a little, and only at the first showing when it first opened and I complimented that one guy’s Jango Fett suit. Sidenote, I think I might be the final cylon.