Greetings From Athens. Greece. Not Georgia.

Things I’ve learned about Athens so far, include:

1. When people nod their head, they’re saying “No”.

2. Just like we have ads that say “Come to Missouri” & “Enjoy Michigan”, they have a ton of commercials advertising trips to Egypt.

3.  CNN is way more depressing here.  They spend much more time talking about the depressing stuff that happens all over the world.  Not just last night’s primary.

4. There is a “Daily Show Global” that plays on CNN here.  Jon Stewart is GLOBAL.  Best part?  They put a huge disclaimer before it starts telling you that it is not real news — it’s all humor — so don’t get all crazy and think that the photoshopped photo of Hillary on Mars is for real.

5.  George Clooney does a bunch of ads for something call Nespresso, which is some sort of instant espresso drink.  There are also a bunch of ads with Matthew McConaghay.  Weird.

6.  This blog is costing me about $37 dollars.  No kidding, that’s how much it costs for me to have internet access in my room per day.

7.  Almost everyone here in the service industry speaks English.  Yet another reminder that we are the only country in the WORLD who only speaks one language.  Barely.

8.  Although the Euro stabilized Europe, it is completely ripping me off.

9.  People smoke all the time — EVERYWHERE!  In your face.  I’m pretty sure I saw one of the maids smoking while she was cleaning a room down the hall from me.

10.  The Greeks really know Chicago.  Our waiter the other night lived in Wrigleyville for 14 years.  He kept saying “Cubs on WGN!”

More to come.  By the by, while I’ve been typing I’ve been watching German MTV and they’ve said the F-Bomb and the N word two times each.