Music Ordinance Tabled Thanks to You!

SchadenfreudeI think the Chicago ordinance to license promoters was tabled thanks to the 25 people who sent me a link to the on-line petition. You did it! You saved live music! At first, you didn’t think it would work. Then you got bored last night watching on-line porn or Magnum PI and said, wait a minute! I know, I’ll e-mail everyone about it! Then you dug deep into your inbox, contacts and facebook friends and fired it off. You win. You broke the aldermen by letting me know that I should send it to 10 people. Now you can go back to your on-line porn. In all seriousness, kudos to those who believed in protesting this music ordinance and for those who wrote their alderman. I hope you too were inspired by the 25 guys who mass-forwarded you an e-mail. Note: I am not singling anyone out since good friends and colleagues sent me e-mails.  This is more general, so don’t get pissed. It should be an honor to be douche of the day. Really.