A thoroughly frackin’ enjoyable Battlestar experience

Connor and Stephen, you might want to try this: now that the first half of the final season of Battlestar is well underway, I picked-up the original mini-series on DVD, and am watching it in conjunction with new episodes; seeing all of the original backstory, you start to wonder if the creators had these huge plot developments in mind in the first place. Tigh’s blinding hatred for the cylons. Baltar sneaking his way off of Caprica by stealing the winning lottery ticket from an old blind lady. Helo kicking ass. It’s not often that a show this perfect stays on the air, and it’s over this year, so Netflix the original miniseries and if you think it sucks I’ll reimburse you for your staff time. So what’s the point? The show is relevant, tight, super interesting and like any good sci-fi show or film it’s not really about sci-fi at all.