PBR Tour: Claudia Wallace

Tomorrow! 8pm at the Empty Bottle. We will be graced with the presence of Claudia! Claudia Wallace has performed around Chicago for several years and you probably saw her on the mainstage at Second City. She was on the stage for over 5 years and she is now living in LA, splitting time! But she is back for this show and we are very humbled to have her in the Schad Rent Party. Actually, we saw her open up for UCB at an improv festival a few years back with her group “Black Comedy Underground”. We probably quoted her for 10 years after that show. “Girrrrl, we gotta get back to our space station…” That’s all I remember, but it was hilarious. Here is Talarico’s short film featuring Claudia’s turn as a CIA undercover agent…”oooh, look at you….”