Billion Dollar Pad

Todd Voorhies would be jealous. Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest men in the world, has just completed the world’s first billion dollar home in India. This ridiculously absurd skyscraper has in-house car maintenance, 600 full-time staff, and a helipad. Now, this guy’s worth about 70 billion. He wants to build a place like this, cool. But Mr. Ambani, next time, maybe don’t build your billion dollar home so that it’s physical resting on rivers of piss and raw sewage flowing through your neighbors’ street-level shanty’s. 75% of India’s residents live well below the poverty level, and while he can certainly do whatever he likes with his own money, next time I might suggest giving a mere MILLION to provide Clif bars and Smart Water to nearby constituents for the NEXT FULL DECADE. Hell, get a corporate sponsor! How about a street-level floor with about 500 public toilets and free Jamba Juices for everyone? Come ON! Where’s the karma? Sidenote: this Coruscant-like monstrosity was designed by Perkins & Will in Chicago. Perkins and Will, according to their website, is committed to immersing their design teams into the clients’ culture, mission, values and vision to create striking, environmentally responsible, forward-looking buildings that enhance lives of communities.