My Own Apathy for the Election…

I’m a Democrat, but right now, I’m just tired. I’m calling myself out as the Douche of the Day. Why? Because I just wish Hillary and Obama would stop fighting like a divorced couple who are campaigning for the most friends. At one time, the entire country was friends with both. “Hey Obama, we going to the game on Sunday? Cubs vs. Cards – it’s gonna be good!” “Hey Hillary, you gonna make book club tonight – Scarlet Letter – it’s gonna be good!” And America was happy. But then they got divorced. And then we started having to make choices. Choices about who was going to get the coffee table, and who was going to get the teacups from Aunt Jean. Choices about who was going to spoil us more during the holidays. Who was going to pay the highest price for my love?! At first, it was fun. What’s mom saying about dad?! What did dad just do?!

But now. Now, it’s just tiring. And Uncle John is just sitting in the background, quietly drinking his Scotch, and saying, “Mom and Dad will always fight. The love fighting more than you. But me. I’ll always love you…” And if we aren’t careful, I just may listen. I get tired of fighting. I just want someone to tell me they love me….