Douche of Day: Stephen and Sandy

Sex and City - SchadenfreudeWhen I first saw our “Summer Movie Blockbuster Madness” brackets (look above), I loved the idea! I’m not much of a movie person. Last movie I saw in the theater was Super Bad, and that was a month after it was popular. I just don’t like spending money. And it costs me almost 30 bucks to go see shitty hollywood drivel. But I was excited about the brackets.  And then last week, I asked the guys where “Sex and the City” was on the brackets. Stephe’s response was “Eh, not big enough”. Um, I hate to rip on my own, but SS, can you be more of a dude? Sandy then said “who’s going to go see that?” Then I boldly said that “Sex and City” will probably beat all the movies this year, including their fave “Indiana Jones”. They both fell off their chairs. Then SM said “All the women are gonna go see Indy dude…” So there you have it. I’m embarrassed that my fellow Schadders are prime-time douches, ladies. Not me, I’m going to watch this when it comes out on DVD.