Wanna Go Into Space?

Once Sandy reads this, he’s gonna be SUPER JEALOUS. See, he was like an RA at Space Camp. He was the guy who knew everyone by name, called guys, “Chief” and “Captain” and made all the kids call him “Shuttle Commander”. So he loves Space. And NASA. But who wouldn’t – he’s just a red-blooded American who’s proud of the achievements of his country.

But I’m gonna beat him into space. No Big Deal, but my name is gonna go on a microchip that’s headed into space and the moon or some shit like that. Sandy? He’s stuck with his Earth-bound memories. My name, along with a Gazillion other people’s, is going to be shot into space, and hopefully read by some alien who can read English. Or mathematics, or whatever.

Wanna get onboard? Signup here. (But don’t tell Sandy.)