Going Green

I know, I know, the earth needs us now, more than ever…  But, I’m still making the “green movement” my douche of the day.  I can’t help but fast forward 15 years when we’ll look back at this time as “those few years where everyone got all excited about saving the environment”.  It’s going to be like how 1985 was all about making bad group superstar sing-a-long albums to save Ethiopia.  And how 1986 was all about “Hands Across America” to save… well, to bring awareness to… um, yeah.  Or how those 2 weeks in 1991 were all about curing H.I.V because Magic wasn’t gay or un-famous.  Don’t get me wrong — I get it —  we need to stop being jerks and using every available resource our planet has to offer.  BUT, can corporate America calm down with their attempt to not only build a band wagon, but also jump on it?  And what’s with that messaging at the end of people’s business emails about reconsidering wether or not you’ll print that email (and subsequently save or destroy the universe)?  Who is recklessly printing out hard copies of their emails?  If you need to print it, you do.  If you don’t, you don’t.  Because it’s email.  And what’s with all the new packaging in stores? How am I supposed to know which products are really better for the environment and which ones are just being trendy?  Our choices seem to be this: use a shit ton of plastic and ruin the earth, or use Nalgene bottles over and over again and get cancer.  And finally, isn’t the term “going green” a bit insensitive to the deserts and snow capped mountains?