Consider his name cleared — mayyyyybe?

Though I have yet to see his appearance on today’s episode of Oprah (wherein he’ll be paraded in front of her adoring pre-screened-Tom-Cruise-let’s-not-talk-about-Scientology-audience), Tom Cruise is well on his way to clearing his name and washing his hands of this 3-year history weirdness — at least as far as Oprah’s concerned. Full disclosure, no doubt, Oprah’s smart to host Tom Cruise’s big old honest American comeback on her show, sure to be one of the highest rated ever. Last Friday’s was one of the few episodes of Oprah I’ve ever seen all the way through, and Tom Cruise, in a one-on-one from from his Colorado home, appeared calm, collected, and fully medicated. Aside from the obviousness that this highly-chroegraphed event featured a “pop-in” from Katie Holmes — OH, KATIE! I didn’t think I’d see you! // Nahh, just off to take the kids into town, because that’s how regular Tom and I are here in Telluride, just regular folks taking the Subaru to town — I was wishing I had one of those focus group dials with readings indicating “I Believe Tom right now!” or “Tom’s lying right now!” Fascinating television. Its affect on me? I’d still go see Top Gun II and Mission Impossible IV. But not that German movie.