PBR Tour: The Neo-Futurists

Schadenfreude - Too Much Light Makes a Baby Go BlindSave the best for last ey? I’ve been writing about why you should come to the Red Line Tap Schadenfreude Rent Party (sponsored by PBR) this Saturday night. Hannibal, Pat McKenna and the band Even in Blackouts will be there and we will be celebrating our return to the Heartland Cafe complex, which we left back in 2000. This is our first night back.  If all that is not enough, we are pleased as punch to be joined by some super Chicago theater celebrities for this show. David Kodeski, Diana Slickman, Phil Ridarelli and John Pierson will be in the house performing plays from their time with the hit show “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind”. Now if you have been in Chi for than a month,  chance are you’ve seen Too Much Light. It’s the show that does 30 plays in 60 minutes. They’ve been selling out shows for years and they’ve seen some amazing cast members go through the neo-futurarium. So in the spirit of going back in time to 1998 to our time at the Heartland, we bring you some of that cast from the 1990’s.  It’s going to be an amazing night since they haven’t performed this stuff in a long while.  I’m excited.