I’m guilty of this too – but now it’s gotten out of hand. At first it was ok – when you’re in a rush to type something, but now, domains are using it, I get hit with it at work all the time, and my MOM even said, “LOL” in an email.

My mother.

It’s getting out of hand, and someone needs to put a stop to this. If you see any of these in an email/txt/IM – blacklist that individual. Call them a douche, and give them a cock-noogie.

  • OMG.
  • LOL.
  • ROTFL.
  • BRB.
  • TTYL.
  • YT?
  • IIRC.
  • AFAIK.
  • YMMV.
  • L8R.

Seriously FU.