I came, I saw, I left.

This is the first chance I’ve had to chime in since my whirlwind week in Chicago going Saturday to Saturday and hitting TWO Schadenfreude Rent Parties. These shows are something special, and after feeling like I’ve missed out on certain magazine shoots, tv pilots, and performances at world-famous theatres, I was NOT going to miss out on a show at the Gallery Cabaret. I flew in, got debriefed and was onstage forgetting my lines before I knew it. Then I lived, once again, like an official Chicagoan for a week and helped write the Silvies show. I think I even came up with the term “Cock-Noogie”, always hard to tell in a Schad meeting, either way, it’s on my resume. Big thanks to all the people I didn’t have time to visit who came out to the show and bought me PBR’s and to Matt and Brandi Larsen for surrenduring their cats to my care for a week, and Schadenfreude for putting this whole thing together. It was the greatest vacation imaginable. And I’m doing it again in two weeks. Now, I’d like to get serious for a moment about these Rent Party shows to all of you who have the first two shows. Please, let’s step into the lounge…What I would like to say, is that from an completely objective standpoint, which I don’t have, these shows are amazing. When we started at Cafe Ashie (nee Stargaze, nee Nothing) a scant decade ago we were doing presentational, microphone comedy, new show every week. And we were awful at it. We moved on to the Heartlan, became very theatrical and have been finding a way to lose prop-weight from our touring bags every since. It was nine years ago that I remember us having conversations about doing a more raucous, loose show with bands, and touring it like a band. Well, happy tenth anniversary to us. Here we are combining the Cafe Ashie idea with the touring idea with a smattering of the environmental and stuntish comedy that made our stage shows so unique. Why do I tell you this? Because if you miss these shows, you really are missing out. Seriously, no bullshit.