Hey, I’m Not Dissing Franken or Anything… But…

Do you think he would have gone through and paid all his back taxes of his own volition? I know he’s a liberal, and I’m not trying to talk about his campaign, or what he stands for, or what he can do, or what he’s done on AirAmerica, or his political views overall – I’m just talking about him as a person. Hell, I can’t comment on his political views because, other than just tossing the word “liberal” on him, I have no idea what he’s really fighting for in Minnesota. I could take the time to look it up, but I think I’d rather watch YouTube Hulu videos of his old SNL stuff. But back on the topic of his taxes – if he had never decided to run for office, if he had never decided to do something that would thrust him into the limelight/searchlight/microscope that is American politics – would he have ever woken up one morning and said,

“Shit. I’ve gotta write that check for $70,000 to those 17 states. Franni, remind me to do that before noon, ok honey?” 

Honestly, I wouldn’t have. And if I were Al Franken, I’d make my accountant, who I probably pay a good amount of money to keep track of shit like this, pay some of it too. Or at least do something embarrassing, like on his website say, “I’m the douchebag who fucked up Al Franken’s taxes. Call me, and I can help you with your taxes.”