Bad Ass Race

Anyone ever sit down and watch the entire Boston Marathon from beginning to end? (Well, have you watched the “FFW-commercials-recorded-version” from beginning to end?) It is FASCINATING guys. It might look boring, flipping through the channels, but it’s pretty bad ass. This year, 30 year-old Kenyan Robert Cheruiyot won the Boston Marathon for a record FOUR TIMES for someone under the age of 30. He ran 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 7 minutes. To put this in perspective, he RAN for TWO HOURS going 12.4 mph. That’s an average mile of just under 5 minutes. That is a BAD ASS THING TO DO guys. Drive your car 12.4 mph and imagine running that fast for 2 hours. Amazing to see this guy around mile 24, in the pack, after running nearly two hours, just kick it into fifth and smoke the other guys. Watch it next year, it’s in April and it’s the hardest marathon on the planet and probably one of the ultimate things to win and this guy’s won it four times already and always throws down the hammer and leaves everyone in the dust. Crazy.