I Can’t Decide Which Commercial Should Suck It

Grand Theft Auto - SchadenfreudeI really can’t decide. I’m really think I would be a rich man if some cable access or local tv station would give me a show where I just rip on commercials and local TV while it is on. Like MST3K but for what they put on the tv right now. Pick one: The Grand Theft Auto commercial is ridiculous. Even if you are a geek, you must admit that the 1 minute commercial of two eastern european guys talking about crime is bullshit. “What motivates you to do crime? other guy – “Cause I don’t care if I live or die…” and then 45 seconds of computer helicopters and low-riders. Or maybe it’s the Dish commercials with the guy who does the Madden impressions. He does Trump, he does Bush, he does Clinton and Dr. Phil. Amazing!!!!! Is there a rule in impressions that you can only do the same 5 dudes? At least throw in a new guy like Jake Gyllenhall. Nah, stick with Al Pacino. Nobody does him. His whole routine is to tell us in a funny way to get a better deal on cable. Why? So we can watch you?