A retroactive opinion on Uncle Owen

For some reason, I’ve had Uncle Owen on my mind for a while — I think it’s because he got a bad rap in the Star Wars movies and didn’t really ever get his name cleared. The way the Episode IV presents it, Uncle Owen’s kind-of a dick who doesn’t let Luke do what he wants to. But in that scene where Aunt Beru pleads for Owen to let Luke go to the Academy because “he’s not a farmer” and “he’s got too much of his father in him,” Uncle Owen says “I know, that’s what I’m afraid of.” i.e. he KNOWS that Anakin is really Darth “Lord of the Sith” – “aren’t we glad he hasn’t come to the Outer Rim lately” Vader. He knows to bad mouth Ben Kenobi and look like a dick to keep Luke out of trouble! He did his job and he kept his mouth shut and Lucas killed him for it. Bad call. Uncle Owen is the kind-of guy you want as a business partner. He takes the long view. As Ricky Roma would say, he doesn’t open his mouth until he knows what the shot is. Way to go, Uncle Owen. Schadenfreude.net salutes you! Too bad you died by burning!