Silvies 4/26/08: Rockin’ St. Bens!

Rent Party Tour at Silvie\'sWe partied until the wee hours of the AM on Saturday (or do you consider that Sunday at that point?). Tons of guests, lots of PBR, and the best part was – the old guy running door gave us each a hug at the end of the night. It’s almost like he was gonna miss us. He even asked us if we were going to come back. Right now, we are withholding our answer. In the meantime, check out the gallery of acts you missed – Jet & Holly, Pat O’Brien, Lola Bolatro, Susan Messing, Ed Bus, Hey You Millionaires – and others! Shots of the show after the jump. And don’t forget – this Saturday, Schadenfreude returns to its roots – Red Line Tap – 9 PM!

[Special Thanks to Alicia Choi and Ben Gonzales]