PBR Tour: Red Line Tap

Schadenfreude - Heartland Studio TheaterOn Saturday night at Silvies, we asked the crowd how many people had come up to the Heartland back in 1998-2000? About 3 people raised their hands. As a matter of fact, people probably didn’t know we even did an open run in Chicago. We started up at the Heartland in 1998 in a black box theater that sat 39, 45 if we sat people on the floor. It had no bathroom. It had 1 exit. It had a sound booth up on top that was made of firewood and loose electrical wiring. When you blacked out the stage, it went black. No stage lights, no EXIT signs, it got pitch black. And we had a backstage the size of a backseat.  But it was home for 2 and 1/2 years. And it’s great to go back. We aren’t playing in the actual theater space because it’s no longer the Heartland Studio, so we set up shop in the watering hole next door. I still have my Red Line Tap t-shirt.  So come on out if you shared beers, watched new sketches (each week) and/or sat on the floor. The more things change? The more they stay the same.  Here’s a loving tribute from an old web site we had. Here’s your history!