Campaigning on WWE


I think it’s safe to say that I could nominate one of the presidential candidates as a “douche of the day” every day from here til November…  But this past week’s appearance on WWE hits an all time-fly-over-states low.  I ask again, does this really strike a chord with any of the voters?  Maybe it would if ONE of the candidates did it.  But for Barack, Hillary and McCain to all appear?  So lame.  “Hillrod”?  And Obama can’t get off book for 2 lines?  And what’s up with McCain’s pronunciation of “Barack” — you don’t wanna do a take-two of that one? My advice is that if they really want to woo that crowd they need to put on some lycra, dedazzled nut huggers — toss back some Shlitz — and go at it in the ring.