Are These Photos Going to Ruin a Franchise?

Miley Cyrus on Vanity FairSure, she’s worth a billion dollars. Her show ranks #2 right behind American Idol. My 4 year-old niece knows her by name. She’s wildly famous. Will taking off her shirt, being covered by a sheet when her parents were in the room saying, “Sure, let’s do this.” being shot by Annie Liebowitz ruin that Billion Dollar enterprise? Disney’s worried? Should they be? Should Hannah apologize? Should Billy Ray be put out to pasture? Should Annie be held responsible for suggesting in the first place? Should Vanity Fair stop trying to increase sales by posting risque photographs? Should the internet be banned? Should America’s eyes be sewn shut so we aren’t exposed to such craziness???? The questions do NOT stop. On top of that – the picture after the jump of Miley and Dad is just kinda weird….Just kinda gross.