PBR Tour: The Bands!

Jai Alai Savant - SchadenfreudeBy the by, the Schadenfreude Rent Party has Silvies til the wee hours tomorrow. So even if you can’t make the 9pm start or perhaps only go out after 10pm, we will be throwing down til 3am with two GREAT bands! The Jai Alai Savant is a Chicago trio that recently toured Europe and usually rock Subterranean in Wicker Park. They sound like the Police, but without the Sting bullshit. And 500 Miles to Memphis is right up Schad’s alley! They are a country punk band from Cincy. Adam’s from Cincy too! And we love Toby Keith and Green Day! Bring the noise. Man, this is going to be a great night. Oh yeah, Witt’s still in town