Color Me Crapp

Two CD’s in one week! Bought this CD in my senior year in high school, playing it over and over as we were graduating to remind myself about how awesome that last hour of my last day of my senior year had been, how great it was to skip class for the first time, and how I was totally going to take this CD to my dorm room at Drake. Pathetic. Even worse that I still own the CD. I actually hung onto this one to show it to Andy Wahlstrom next time he visits, but the track “All 4 Love” is starting to stink-up the basement. Not even curious what happened to these guys. Something tells me that if I tried to return this to a Best Buy to redeem my 18 bucks because “it never really worked right,” the middle manager in charge would be Poor Man’s Kenny G. (I can’t remember if the album actually points to Poor Man’s Kenny G, or of this photo to the side does, but you better believe I’m not gonna go find the CD to make sure…)