PBR Tour: Jet & Holly

Jet & Holly - Schadenfreude So in our non-stop series of posts to try and entice you to come out to the Schad Rent Party tour (sponsored by PBR), we are letting you know of the comedy pedigree that will be in the house this Saturday at Silvies. We already talked about Susan Messing and the hottest sketch group in town (Hey You Millionaires), now we bring you 2 of the stars from the hottest improv group in town (the Reckoning). Jet & Holly have performed with us at a few rent parties now and they have gone out to LA/NY to entertain industry folks on more than one occasion. They perform with the Reckoning in town which also includes Pat O’Brien, who will be performing in the show as well. Pat just went to Aspen with Pete Grosz and his sketch show called “Misled”. Seriously, this is quite a line-up. Tomorrow? Paul Thomas and Lola Balatro. And we haven’t even talked about the bands yet. Oh man, we got a boner.