Any movie that’s out now

Anyone else counting the days to the start of the summer movie season? Iron Man is in early May and I can’t wait, not only b/c it’s good . . . it’s gonna be good . . . but because just about every movie out now either sucks or looks like it sucks. Kate and I saw “21” about a week ago, and it was so boring that I started doing bits about 10 minutes into the movie, a move typically reserved for romantic comedies or anything I see with Joel and Stephe. I was so excited to see a movie about Vegas and counting cards. I loved the book “Bringing Down the House.” This movie should have been called “Bringing Down the Audience into the Dumps.” And then a few days later, I bought “National Treasure II” in a hotel, and couldn’t believe how ABSOLUTELY AWFUL that movie is. Those of you who know me know I love just about every movie I see, especially if it’s made by Michael Bay or is set after World War III JUST happened. But movies now? Come on. UPDATE!Just saw “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and that movie is absolutely hilarious. Guys, go see it before everyone tells you to see it. Some bits had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. Top marks, Jason Segal.