Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Crap

The 5th Element was a great movie for about a year, opening at the perfect intersection in the early days of online movie speculation and spoilers. I remember a bunch of websites (probably all via Mosaic and Infoseek) devoted to this movie, which Stephe and I saw on opening night, and really is not much more than a fun, campy montage of every legitimately kick ass sci-fi movie you’ve seen. Had they had iTunes when the soundtrack was released, I probably would have previewed a few songs only to be distracted by a new ingredient in the Bowl of Noodles application on my Facebook page (Alert! Ridarelli added “KING PAO BEEF” to their Bowl of Noodles!). I had to sample a few songs by purchasing this pile of crap at Best Buy for 18 bucks. Filled with tracks such as “Aknot — What?” and “Gary Oldman’s Millenium Falcon Jumps to Hyperspace,” this true embarrassment in my album collection is available for free if you rent Schad’s office and happen to find it in the trash. Shoulda bought a share in Starbucks instead.