Chelsea Clinton, PA Governor Ed Rendell and Rob Reiner walk into a gay bar on Friday night… No, not a bad gay joke — but instead Hillary’s camp trying to get some gay love at the polls. So, here’s what I don’t understand: why does this stuff work? Do the lesbians at “Bump” in Philly really think that Chelsea has come to have a drink and dance awkwardly with them because she’s looking for new friends? And how does stuff like this translate into actual votes? Do people really base their votes off of who sent their daughter out on a gay pub-crawl with the director of Spinal Tap?! If I were gay in PA, I’d be pissed that any candidate would assume that sharing an Appletini with me, means that they know who I am and what is important to me. Right? Has anyone arrived at the polls and thought, “What would Meathead do?” I don’t think so.