PBR Tour: Jimmy Carrane!

All week I’ve been writing about the guests for this Saturday’s Schad Rent Party at the Gallery. I realize some people might not know the significance of our guests, and sometimes might not be moved to come to the show because of their perception that this is a list of nobodies. No! Not true! Today, we focus on Jimmy Carrane. Carrane is an improv fixture in town who teaches at Second City, IO and all over the world.  He has also worked in movies and television shows (ER, anybody) and just recently had the awesome experience of doing a scene with Johnny Depp in the Michael Mann feature “Public Enemies”.  Carrane was an Annoyance Theater mainstay with his one man show “I’m 27 and I Live at Home and Sell Office Supplies”.  This show got him auditions for SNL, LA sitcoms and numerous commercials. Now you can hear Jimmy do his Studio 312 segment on 848 (Chicago Public Radio).  So this is for the true improv gangstas of the world. Yeah we got newbies, but we also got oldies too.  See you tomorrow.