Racism? Solved. Next Up? People With Only One Leg

Thanks to everyone for coming to our show with kevINda last night at the Steppenwolf! We were playing as part of the Traffic Series, and presented 5 new pieces that we wrote alongside Kevin Douglas and Inda Craig-Galvan — most of which referenced Will Smith at least once. All that plus kevINda had some standards, we had some standards (anyone ever hear of a little-known sketch called “Sign Language”?), and the Upstairs Theatre was rockin’. It was a nice improvement to have prop tables and unlimited Diet Cokes, so we presented a capital improvement plan to the Gallery Cabaret for this Saturday’s show, but after looking at the budget required to make space for a prop table in the backstage area, decided to let it go. Next up? Danny Fine presents an open run of The Life and Times of Joan Allen’s Scenes in the Bourne Identity Trilogy. Soooooooo, we’ll look forward to that one. Special thanks to Sylvia, Michael, David, Joe M., Lauren, J.R., Rick, Noelle, Gregor, Sheila, for bringing the string cheese and for everyone who came to see this 1-time special event!! And most of all to Kevin and Inda for being nice, safe black friends. Rent Party is next!