PBR Tour: Team Submarine in the House!

Just Counting down to the PBR Tour launch this Saturday night at the Gallery Cabaret. We are giving you some incentive to make your way to the show and to the 5 other shows following. For the Gall Cab show there will be free food. Best wings in Chicago! And the show will feature the comedic duo Team Submarine. Nate and Steve play regularly in Chicago stand-up clubs and have decided enough is enough with this town and are moving to NYC. Rumor has it they are rooming with fellow Chicagoan Jared Logan. And our luck has it that Team Submarine will play their last show in Chicago at the Gallery Cabaret on Saturday night! Sure they have a DC Comedy Fest audition on Tuesday at Beat Kitchen, but this is the final show where they will be real and not trying to impress somebody! If you are a fan of Team Submarine, come to the Rent Party and buy them a PBR. That way, they’ll remember you when they become jaded NYC comics. Here’s their clip from 2007 about “abortion”.