Leaving Las CD’s

What am I possibly going to do with this CD? Give it to Stephe for the big Rent Party mix? Autograph it and give it to Rhymefest? Leave it for the Jawas in the back alley? Though this movie is OK and the music is OK, there’s just absolutely no reason to own the soundtrack to “Leaving Las Vegas.” If you really need to hear Sting’s voice on “Angel Eyes” or “Funeral Pyre for a Drunken Jedi,” go to iTunes. Guess I felt the need to hang onto it, somehow justifying the 18 bucks I spent in 1995 at some Best Buy in Des Moines. Time to let it go, Indiana. Let it go . . . If you want this, lemme know, otherwise I’m gonna see if I can get a dime for it in Michigan.