Schad Rent Party: Countdown!

This is a healthy reminder that the Schad Rent Party tour starts on Saturday night at the Gallery Cabaret. This is a reminder so now you can’t complain that you have nothing going on for the weekend. Doesn’t it feel good to already have plans for Saturday night? And not just any plans, but plans to see Schad and party with a ton of like-minded mostly single types who are just looking to find truth and happiness and maybe someone special to pair up with?  His name is Adam Witt. And he’s back.  And from what I heard, he looks like Jose Canseco now. And he has a thousand dollars cash to blow. And he’s now an archaeologist who has been looking for lost treasures even though there is danger.  And he’s got a new rock album that sounds like Daughtry. Oh yeah, Adam Witt is back.