Douche of the Day: Hotmail

Remember Hotmail? Hotmail was my first email accountin college, received shortly after Fred Mowery said “here, let me show you what the internet is…” You used to type in your username and password and bingo! You’ve got mail. I still have a hotmail account which I use to sign up for porn sites and the ACLU, but what happened to Hotmail? It’s now this whole Windows Live experience and twelve passwords and do you want to go to Hey, Hotmail, not everything on the internet needs to be an “experience.” No every site has to manage my life, I appreciate that I can use your program to shop and read the news and make a powerpoint and access the webcam in my neighbor’s shower, but I’d like to read my mail. If I want a book I’ll got to Amazon, if I want the weather, I’m sure there’s a site for that with the word “weather” in the URL. It’s amazing that the ¬†most radical thing in the current era of web 2.0 is pages like Google and Gmail and Schadenfreude. Plain and simple.¬†