Are You Sure Aldi??

Have you seen the new (or what I assume are new) Aldi commercials? The ad starts with a jingle that exclaims something like, “Rent a shopping cart for a quarter and shop Aldi!!” Wait, what? You have to pay 25ยข get a shopping cart out of a locked cage area? And that’s what they choose to sing about in the commercial?! That’s pretty embarrassing. If you are trying to sell yourself as a great place to shop, the ads aren’t working. And don’t tell me that making people pay a quarter helps them keep prices down. Charge a bit more for the Tostidos and give the people a friggin’ cart. It doesn’t matter that you get the quarter back at the end of the trip if you have to enter the store, wait in line and by some Tic Tacs in order to break a one dollar bill.