Sun-Times Wants me Dead.

Did you get a chance to see the great article in the Sun-Times about political comedy in Chicago? They interviewed me and they also had a feature on our entry into local TV. And they did a little feature about what we think of making fun of GW. At any rate, the writer Darel Jevens had one quote pulled out and blown up in the newspaper version. And unfortunately it was from me: “You’ve got guys like Daley and guys like Todd Stroger. Whatever your political leanings, just the idea that they got in is ripe for comedy.” Hey Jevens! I walk alone at night. I have real estate taxes. I have a family to protect now. Thanks for making me public enemy #2 (Zell is #1). If I don’t show up for next week’s rent party, it’s because I’m tied up in Stroger’s basement and Mayor Daley is shoving a soccer ball up my butt (ouch). Good thing this isn’t the Ukraine because someone might try to poison my soup. Huh? Remember that? Topical!