How Bout These Flyers!

We gave you the poster yesterday, so here is the flyer we are going to be handing out at the corner of Belmont and Clark. If you have ever done that, you know what is in store. Some will take and throw them away in front of you. Some will get pissed and use their speed of walking as their flip-off gesture. Some shoulder you. Some stop and ask stupid questions like “What is this for?” while you are missing the stream of rush hour crowd walking past.  Some will take it and use the flyer to de-seed their weed. Some will take it, keep it in their jeans and then wash their jeans and curse Schad while they are cleaning out the crap from their washing machine. Some might tell you how much they hated the radio show.  And some might come to the show.  So it’s worth it, right?  There’s a backside with more info – but I’m not showing that cause you can get that by clicking the PBR Tour tab above.