AM/PM in Chicago

AM/PM - in Chicago - really?Have you seen the lame commercials? The ones where people run into 7-11, White Hen, Kum-n-Go, AM/PM and load up their arms with gross convenience store hot dogs, bottles of Gatorade, fountain drinks in 97oz varieties, doughnuts, spark plugs, pay-as-you-go cell phones, 3rd tier porn, lottery tickets, something borrowed, something blue, and then run out of the store like they’ve looked into the face of God? If you haven’t seen it yet, you will. Apparently, someone in AM/PM Corporate decided that the Chicago market was yet flooded with stores that are in-between a garage sale and Jewel. So they figured they’d bring this AWESOME chain to us. Yay. Fine, you want more territories, I get it – but don’t insult me with lame commercials, and an even lamer site. Besides me, I would LOVE to know how many people love AM/PM so much they decide to download a wallpaper and put on their computer.